Grant Giving

BC Exotic Birds mission statement is

“To Support & Sustain the Welfare of Exotic Birds”. 

We accomplish this mission through our grant program which was developed in 2016. 

Funds for this program are raised through private donations, event booths,
selling product, collecting bottles & cans and anything else our creative members can come up with during the year.

The funds are then used to help avian’s that are in need. 

That can range from creating awareness of species that are at great risk of being extinct to feeding, toys & vet care for birds in approved sanctuaries. 

Grants can be monetary, goods or services. 

BC Exotic is very proud of its Grant giving program.

Donate and help to raise funds for our Grant Giving program


Donations can be by:

Cheques to BC Exotic Bird Society

E-Transfer :

Check out our past grant giving 

thanks to all our supporters

Enjoying fresh fruit donated by BC Exotic Bird Society