Meet the BC Exotic Bird Society Ambassadors



Random facts about Kaiya

I’m a Senegal Parrot


I’m somewhat timid but know what I want!

I have learned that saying “Hi” and agreeing

with “ok” often gets me more treats. 

I love my Harrison pellets.

I will continue to work on my courage and

hope to meet you at a meeting.


I greet my favorite person, Anne Voute  President of the BC Exotic Bird Society, first thing in the mornings with “Want your breakfast” and when she comes home from work I call out 

“want your dinner”, wishful thinking on my part I know 

but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?




Random facts about Darby

I’m a Jardine Parrot

Favourite food : Snap peas

Favourite toy : Mahogany pods

Favourite treat: Almonds

I don’t do a lot of talking but I do love whistling and making all kinds of unusual noises. However when I do decide to talk my favourite word is Peek-a-boo

I love climbing nets, hanging upside down and going for car rides with my favourite person, Sharon Hill who is also the Secretary at BC Exotic Birds.

Hope to see you soon at a meeting or event.


Random facts about Toowie 

I’m a Curl Crested Acaraci Toucan 

Favourite food : Papaya

Favourite toy : Plastic eggs that I can bang and try and crack open.

Favourite treat: hard boiled eggs & chicken  

I’m not able to talk or whistle but I make lots of purring sounds and squawking noises like a crow. I have various other calls that sound like noises you’d hear in the tropical rain forest,  I’m native to Costa Rica. 🇨🇷

I hop, I don’t walk like parrots do. I fly like a torpedo, but short distances at a time. I love being snuggled in my blanket and going for walks and car rides. I love admiring myself in my mom’s lighted magnified make up mirror.

My favourite parront is Donna,Vice President of BC Exotic Bird Society