Devoted to birds for over 70 years

Being one of the oldest exotic bird societies still active we understand the many changes and developments in having birds as companions.

Our members strive to help you understand the intricacies of having an exotic bird in your life.

We support you through the trials and tribulations and we celebrate your successes.  

Our members all have one thing in common – we want birds to live the best lives they can!

That includes ours, yours, those in rescues and in the wild.

Whether you have a bird, thinking of getting one or just love learning & seeing them please feel free to come to one of our meetings.

We all love talking “bird”.

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Upcoming Meeting 

Join us for our next upcoming meeting 
Sunday April 7th, 2024   2 to 4 pm 

Sunday May  TBA

Presentation: “Exotic Birds Going Extinct” 

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June through August Meetings will transition to outdoor meetings.

More information or to attend a meeting, please email us!

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